Heartwood Log Homes, handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada, since 1984

Cutting the long groove with a chainsawBuilding the Log Walls:
the Scribed-Fit Technique

In a Heartwood home, only the logs themselves are visible - there is no chinking or caulking necessary.

We use the "scribed-fit" technique: Each log is marked along its entire length to conform to the irregularities of the log below.

Mike concentrating on his scribers'
leveling bubbles

The intervening wood is removed using hand-held tools.

The resulting lateral groove and notches are sealed using an acrylic gasket placed on a specially cut lip inside the joints. Natural sheep's wool is used as a further sealant at window and door openings and in the notches.

Mike cutting a saddle notch

At one time, it was the industry standard to use fiberglass insulation as the only sealant between the logs. Since we started to use the gasket system, we have been confident enough to provide a three-year warranty against air and water infiltration.

For further details on wall construction, and a diagram, see Energy Efficiency (three pages ahead, if you're following the "Next" buttons).


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