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Log Home Plans

Here are some plans that represent a sample of the homes we have designed and built over the years.

One of them might be just what you are looking for, but more likely, you will find one to use as a starting point and adapt it to suit your own needs. In fact some of the plans shown here were developed just that way!

Each page has a link to a printable PDF of the elevations and plans. The plans and elevations can also be enlarged and printed by clicking on them. The photos shown with each plan may not correspond exactly with the drawings since many people make changes to the plans to suit their own situation.

A link at the bottom of the page will return you here. Plans are presented here in order of square footage.

Click to go to the Medway plansThe Medway Cottage - 670 sq. ft.

This is a simple cottage all on one level for ease of construction and economy. The roof is designed to be built conventionally, but it could be adapted to have a log roof structure with cathedral ceiling over the Great Room.

This layout is just one of many possibilities for this basic size and shape, so whatever your needs, we can make it work for you. Imagine this on a lakefront lot!

Fundy Cottage log cabin planThe Fundy Cottage - 880 sq. ft.

This is a cute little cottage, at home on the seashore or in a woodland setting. The Greatroom/Kitchen features a cathedral ceiling with exposed log roof beams, while the Bedroom/Bathroom area has a more economical flat ceiling. A large covered porch provides for a sheltered place to watch the whales ... or the loons, as the case may be. This little house would make a retirement home for anyone looking to escape from the work involved in maintaining a larger home.

Aylesford Lake log cabin planThe Aylesford Lake - 1100 sq. ft.

Designed as a cottage, this would also make a cosy little home. Featuring an exposed log truss, the loft area can fit one large bedroom with ensuite, or one large and one smaller bedroom. The space downstairs gives lots of room for entertaining and for everyday living.

Tupper Lake log cabinThe Tupper Lake - 1100 sq. ft.

This is a variation on the popular Aylesford Lake model, with upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, plus a covered porch area. Yes, you could add that porch onto the Aylesford Lake model, too!


Melrose log cabin planThe Melrose - 1131 sq. ft.

This is an economical design, suitable for a cottage or small home. On a full basement, more rooms can be finished downstairs. On a slab or crawl space, another bedroom could be fitted into the main floor. The roof is done conventionally for economy, but a log roof structure could also be included. the large front porch gives this house a real "country living" look.

Fancy Lake log home planThe Fancy Lake - 1200 sq. ft. (on main floor)

This could be a lovely retirement home, or a three bedroom family home. We have presented four options based on the same 30' x 40' footprint. The Great Room features a cathedral ceiling with a log truss and roof beams, while the bedroom wing has a more economical flat ceiling.

Click to go to Brunswick plans The Brunswick - 1440 sq. ft.

A roomy home with three good sized bedrooms and an open kitchen/ dining/ great room with cathedral ceiling and exposed log beams. It was originally designed with two covered porches, but for many people one would suffice. A finished basement would make this a sizable home. Otherwise, taking out the basement stairs would add space on the main level.

Berwick Log home planThe Berwick - 1530 sq. ft.

This home features an open living area, with a cathedral ceiling above. The loft can be closed in as a bedroom or left open to the room below. A shed dormer on the back would allow for a large ensuite in the loft. As with all of our plans, the layout can be changed to suit your needs or site considerations.


Log home planThe Roseway II - 1788 sq.

This plan developed as an option for our Roseway I design below. The main floor is unchanged, but the second floor is modified to give one large bedroom with ensuite. The area over the downstairs bedroom wing is built using an economical conventional truss system. This area has a flat ceiling with no log joists, but they could be added as an option if desired. The loss of the bedroom above is compensated for by the savings achieved in the simplified roof design.

log homeThe Roseway I - 2000 sq. ft.

The Roseway I is an open design with four good sized bedrooms, spacious entry way and cathedral ceiling in the greatroom. Exposed log trusses and roofbeams are features of this house, along with the open log stairs and railings. The downstairs bedrooms are located in their own wing, tucked away from the kitchen/dining/living room areas. Log floor joists are featured over this area. Two large bedrooms (or one bedroom and a den), each with ensuite, are located on the second floor. This house has lots of space for those who like to entertain or just enjoy quiet times at home.


Click to go to the Sherbrooke Lake plansThe Sherbrooke Lake - 2160 sq. ft.

A roomy home with three bedrooms and a large open loft. The loft could be divided into rooms and closed off from the downstairs if desired. The kitchen/ dining/ great room is open space, with cathedral ceiling log beams and a log truss. A large covered porch on one side of the house gives a shady place to sit on those warm summer days.


log houseThe Pleasant River - 3200 sq. ft.

This home has loads of room for a large family. With three bedrooms upstairs, the downstairs bedroom wing could be utilized as family room with room left over for a small office. There’s plenty of space in the kitchen and dining rooms, and a large laundry room as well. Upstairs there’s a cozy loft area for reading or quiet conversation.

log houseThe North Shore - 4700 sq. ft.

This large home was originally built as a family lodge where all the grown-up kids could come with their families. It could also serve as a first home for a large family or for folks who like lots of company. The games room is a nice feature, with room for a pool table, ping pong and more. Space is the name of the game in the Dining and Great Rooms, and the kitchen has room for lots of helpers with that turkey dinner. As with all our plans, this design could be altered and re-sized to suit your particular needs.


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