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Planning and Pricing

log home nicely nestled in hillside and trees"I have always dreamed of owning a log home" is a phrase we often hear from our potential clients. Typically, someone comes to us with some idea of the home they are looking for. This could range from a vague concept of an exterior "look", to a floor plan cut out of a magazine, right up to a well thought out set of professional drawings. In the first case, we discuss the family's needs, site requirements, budget and so on to come up with a starting point. Often we are able to suggest a plan that we already have on file, and start from there. In the case of a fully drawn blueprint, we often have to modify the design to make it work as a log building.

Whatever stage you are at in the planning of your log home, now is a good time to send us your ideas. We can give you a detailed estimate and make suggestions as to how to best adapt your plan to log construction. We provide this service for free. After receiving the initial estimate, you may want to have us complete your plan before committing to a final agreement, or you may want the cost of the plan and engineering included in the logwork price.

sprwaling log home with dramatic roof designOnce the final plan is agreed to, we give you a total price including delivery and re-assembly. Throughout the planning and construction phases we maintain close contact and encourage personal visits. We also like to meet with contractors and show them our finished homes. Of course, this is not always possible, and we have often gone through the design and construction of homes for people without meeting them in person until we arrive to erect the logs.

The cost of a handcrafted log home is roughly 25% higher than that of a comparable sized conventional home. The price of a particular design will vary with size, number of corners, log floor system, roof structure, distance from our work site and so on. The total cost of a log home depends on type and quality of materials used and is usually in the range of 3 to 4 times the logwork cost.

The following is a typical estimate sheet that we would send you after viewing your proposed plans. Items marked with * may or may not be included in a particular design. Other items are generally included unless other arrangements are made.

American customers please note that the re-assembly must be completed by an American crew.  We provide written instructions and one of our crew will be on site to supervise them.

Estimate for: Mr. and Mrs. E. Beaver, for the construction of a log home based on enclosed plan.

This estimate is based on a preliminary plan only and is subject to change as the plan is developed and finalized. It is not to be considered as a final price. The estimate includes the items included on the list below:

Our estimate for providing the above is: $


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