Heartwood Log Homes, handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada, since 1984
Log shell
Log shell cleaned, stained and ready
to load for a trip to Newfoundland

Constructing a Log Home

We do the initial construction of the log building on our site in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, then dismantle it and ship it to the foundation, where we reassemble it.*

Aerial view of our yardOur log shells are designed so that a carpenter can easily come in to do the finish work. The logwork is finished to the "Carpenter-Ready" stage, a point where another carpenter coming on the job can do his work quickly and efficiently without having to cut into the logs in any way. All finish cuts are made, wiring channels prepared (including square holes for receptacles and switches), logwork cleaned, and two coats of high-quality finish applied.

Dave buffing the logs prior to
boraxing and staining

Our term "Carpenter Ready" is an important one. We have learned through experience that there are many important preparations to be made in the logwork that make the carpentry portion of the job quicker and easier. We have often been complemented by carpenters and electricians who come on the job feeling a little apprehensive about working on a log home, only to find that their work has already been thought out and prepared for. Such forethought is an important part of our craftsmanship.

artistically engraved plaque by skillful carpenter proud to association with Heartwood Log HomesThis sign (right) was made by a carpenter who was proud of his association with us.

Our homes conform to the International Log Builders Association standards. (See Resources page.)

*American customers please note that the re-assembly must be completed by an American crew.  We provide written instructions and one of our crew will be on site to supervise them.


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