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Sculptor James McMahon created  this delightful sea monster for a log house deck
Sculptor James
McMahon created
this delightful
sea monster for
a log house deck.

Settling and Maintenance

Settling is inevitable in a log building, but no problems are encountered when it is properly anticipated and allowed for.

At Heartwood, we understand log construction and take care to allow for settling around doors, windows, vertical posts, and anywhere else that it is a factor. We take time to discuss settling issues with the owners and contractors to ensure that everyone involved understands the dynamics of a log home.

Large overhangs, rain gutters and a quality, well-maintained finish
Full 4’ overhang at eaves
and gable ends

Maintenance of a log home begins with the design phase. Large overhangs are included to help protect the logs from sun and rain. Rain gutters are important to keep water from splashing back onto the lower logs, especially where decks are involved.

As we build the shell, we apply a borax based wood preservative to the log surfaces inside all the joinery. When the shell is completed, it is treated on all the exposed surfaces.  We then apply the initial coat of a high quality penetrating finish. These two treatments should be replenished after the first year, and generally every three years after that, depending on the exposure. We offer both these products to our customers at wholesale prices.  Any finish that seals the wood, inhibiting its ability to "breathe" should be avoided.  Go to our Resources and Links page to link to an excellent article on log home maintenance by Jim Renfroe.

Log posts have settling jacks
hidden in the deck framing.

Ask us about setting up an inspection and maintenance schedule for your home.


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