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“After owning the land for 17 years and the log home for 14 years, Geri and I have sold our place at Chazy Lake and now confine ourselves to Florida and extensive motor homing all over the U.S. and Canada. We have only the wonderful memories of our time there and the great relationship we had with you while it was being designed and built. I have often remarked how notable it was to work with you all that time during the design period and later during the construction phase with never a cross word and never a disappointment. Remarkable indeed and that's coming from a guy who spent most of his life in the construction industry and was rarely able to make such a statement.” 
Mark and Geri S.

“We are beyond pleased with the house! The pictures do not do justice. We are amazed at the joints and the size of the logs , and the overall finish work. It certainly will motivate us to work to get it finished. We will be singing your praises to all who will listen about how expert your craftsmanship is in log houses.” 
Jim and LeeAnn H-P.

“The more we enjoy our home the more we appreciate the craftsmanship you guys displayed.”
Tony and Faye C., North Carolina

“We were fortunate the day we found Heartwood Log Homes...you taught us what the word 'handcrafted' really means. You love what you do and take the time to let the logs give you direction. By working with nature, you make every home you craft unique.”
Kathy and Deb W.-E.

“We would like to thank you for everything.  As you are aware, we are extremely pleased and proud of our log home.  We feel that we had excellent workmanship on our project,  and you …guys were all a big part of it.” 
Ken and Brenda H.,Nova Scotia

“We are enjoying the House. I don't think we have gone two weeks without over-night guests.  It's now decked out for the Holiday, and with a fire roaring in the hearth it looks like something out of a magazine.
People stand in awe of your craftsmanship.”
Bill and Barb H., New Hampshire

“Our dream come true.  We are quite pleased with our home.  You guys did an excellent job.  Many thanks.”
Greg and Marg H., Newfoundland

“Think of all of you often. Still working, slowly, on finishing the beautiful log home you built! Special people (friends!) Special home! Special thanks!”
Don and Pat D., New Brunswick

“We continue to get rave reviews from the locals on our beautiful home, and it’s not even complete as yet.
Enjoyed having you guys here and we look forward to continuing our friendship with you over the years. 
All of you did a fantastic job!”
Hank and Carolyn O’H., Nova Scotia


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